doreen-chairWith the advent of a new season it is an occasion to acknowledge with gratitude the loyalty and support which has been enjoyed by the Best Kept initiative since 1957.

Budding gardeners volunteering at grass roots level are now being sought to take part in this year’s competition.

Communities are invited to showcase the good work their floral fans do in brightening up towns, villages, schools, healthcare facilities and housing areas across the country.

We want to hear about the projects being organized at grass roots level to make local areas cleaner and greener.

The Best Kept Awards are used to reward Northern Ireland’s best community environmental projects, including the promotion of recycling and wildlife conservation.

It is with confidence that we look forward to receiving a record number of entries and would especially welcome new entrants.

May it be a good season for us all and remember

“Beauty dies where litter lies!”


Doreen E A Muskett MBE