‘Best Kept’ Spring Gardening Tips

Following a few stolen days of summer, spring is now well under way with the appearance of lots of fresh growth. Grass, plants and weeds have been sprouting up in towns, villages, yards and parks all Enniskillen 4over the country. The recent spike in good weather has, we’re sure, inspired many avid gardeners to embrace the sunshine and prepare their flower beds for the coming months.

Bearing in mind, each and every gardener aims to prolong the abundance of colour in their area for as long as possible we thought it would be a nice idea to share some of our ‘Best Kept’ spring gardening tips.

  • When preparing to cut the lawn for the first time of the season we would recommend not cutting it too close. Perhaps adjust the cutting height to approximately 2”/5cm
  • Running a garden rake through the lawn helps to aerate the grass by removing dead growth and moss
  • The last Sunday of April has traditionally been labelled ‘Dandelion Day’. Around this period of the season the profusion of ‘gold’ is very visible and it is a good time to dead head to prevent spreading
  • Although weeds can be referred to as ‘plants in the wrong place’ it’s best to extract them and tidy up the surrounding ground before planting for the new season
  • Lastly, our top tip is one for prolonging freshly cut flowers for the home, simply add two ice cubes or a spoonful of sugar to the water in the vase, this will allow the flowers to last longer.

Remember: A garden is a thing of beauty and a job forever!